10 Reasons The Philips TAPH805 is The Best Bluetooth Headphone

  06 May 2021


Everyone must have a 'little secret' in doing a job. Especially those who have high focus and concentration. Me too. As a social media specialist, in finding and writing content, I am used to working in a quiet space. A little noise can make my concentration disperse. That's why I often use a headset in the office to listen to soft songs instead of hearing the noise from around.

Well, this is what makes a headset or other audio device so important to me. If I forget or don't bring it, I can hang out all day. I mean, what used to be quiet is then noisy. Very annoying, right? This sometimes has an impact on work. In the end, it's hard to finish.

Looking for the Best Bluetooth Headphones
Under such circumstances, the audio device became a mandatory item for me. However, as the saying goes: there's no ivory that doesn't crack, this applies to the audio device I own: an old, small headset that sometimes still leaks into my ears. When changing to a Bluetooth device it's the same. I finally came to a conclusion: I must have Bluetooth headphones!

What are you most looking for in a Bluetooth headphone? Clear voice? Or a good connection? It feels like this has all become the standard for Bluetooth headphones on the market, right? 

This also makes us more observant in choosing. When there are many similar items with prices that are not much different, one of the things that makes us buy is about what more features a product has to offer. Isn't that right?

Well, one of the best is the Philips TAPH805. These headphones were launched at the end of last year and successfully pushed their way up to be the best headphones available today. And in my opinion, the title is not just any designation.

Unboxing Philips TAPH805
The first time my package came from Philips audio Indonesia, I was quite surprised. First, the dimensions of the box are quite large. You could say this is my biggest package so far. Well, when you open it, voila… you see a blue square box with a picture of Philips TAPH805 headphones.  

Very Complete, right?Very complete, right?

Various information on the features of these headphones are also available so that made my expectations high. Further inside, I find a sturdy matte blue box. And inside was a manual and a sturdy black case! Wow, this solid container is made of flexible material that is light but still strong. 

And, when it was opened, a large pair of matte black headphones appeared that looked elegant. There is also a cable connection for the audio jack and directly to the airplane jack. This is so complete. If you want to travel, just bring the case. Not scattered anywhere. So very safe! 

After about a week of trying, I can say that this Philips TAPH805 is the best headphone I've ever tried! I think, these headphones answer everything I need from an audio device. If I can conclude: simple but gassy! Whoops! Here are 10 reasons why the Philips TAPH805 is the best right now:

1. Elegant Design with Strong Build Quality
Love at the first sight! The first time I saw the Philips TAPH805, this is what immediately stuck in my brain. The design of the Philips TAPH805 is very elegant. Although most of the body is made of polymer material, the finish is matte black so it doesn't seem tacky. What I like about the earcups is that they are soft and fit perfectly in the ear. This is real. My ears are part of the 'big' ears. And when you use it, it fits right in. Well, on the right there is an on / off button and an input hole while on the left side there is a place for charging. It's really ergonomic. I like it! 

Its light weight is easy to carry anywhere. Only 0.834 grams! Great for traveling friends! In addition, the speakers on the right and left can be bent so it doesn't take up much space. So more concise. The case is also convenient to carry.

2. Audio Quality Is Horrifying!
Talking about the headset problem, definitely talking about the sound problem right. Well, on the Philips TAPH 805, that's not a problem at all. The sound produced is superior with high quality so it doesn't hurt the ears at all! Want a fantastic sound with booming bass? Sure! Do you want high notes to be shrill? Moreover. Anyway, I'm very comfortable using this device. Why not? The frequency range of the Philips TAPH805 starts from 7 – 40,000 Hz. Quickly all cleared away. And it doesn't tire the ears at all.

3. No Delay-Delay Club
Hail to Bluetooth 5.0! With this bluetooth version, the range of this Philips TAPH805 is much wider up to 10m! It also makes the sound received by the device seamlessly without delay. Usually, the main enemy of wireless audio devices is the sound that sometimes delays. However, on the Philips TAPH805 this is not the case at all. Want to watch anything until any meeting just goes smoothly!

It's also easy to connect the device. Just hold 5 seconds the power button on the right side of the speaker then wait for the light to flash. After that turn on the device you want to connect. Wait a minute and get connected right away!

4. Active Noise Canceling, Elimination of Noise
Like I said before, I'm the type of person who concentrates when it's quiet. That's why I have a hard time adapting to a noisy environment. Well luckily in this Philips TAPH805, everything is resolved. There is an active noise canceling feature that can make almost 95% of ambient sound disappear! This is thanks to the 4 sensors that are active around the headphone set. Well, it's easy to use. Just one tap, this feature is activated immediately.

5. Long Lasting Battery Anti Jam
This is what sometimes makes me feel bad: the battery! His name is also an electronic device, must have a power that must be filled. Even on a long journey, this problem makes it difficult. Luckily the Philips TAPH805 makes things easy. With a lithium-ion battery, this device can be used for up to 30 hours on a single charge! You can be satisfied listening to anything.

Not only that. Run out of power and forget to charge? Just calm down. The rapid charge feature can be the solution. I actually forgot to charge it yesterday and took it straight to the office. Eh, when you want to use it, it's dead. So I charge it for 5 minutes and it can be used for 2 hours! What a savior! There is also a quick charge feature that can give you 6 hours of use! It's really a dream! 

6. Google Assistant, the Smart Assistant
'Ok, Google, turn up the volume!' So, as a tech kid, holding your phone while listening to a song really makes you feel sluggish. However, this does not apply to this Philips TAPH805! There is Google Assistant available! Yuhu! Just say 'Ok, Google!' whatever I want can be done! Cool right? 

7. Control with Only One Hand
One thing that is unique from the Philips TAPH805 is the location of the control area which is only on the right side! Want to turn up the volume? I just swipe up. Turn down the volume? Go down. Activate Google assistant? Press a few seconds. It's all easy and not complicated. In the sales box, there are really any shortcuts that the existing control area can do. It's that easy with one hand! Touch controls on the right.  

8. Connections are widely!
Out of battery? No place to charge? Just calm down. There is a 3.5mm AUX cable that can be connected to our device. And the Philips TAPH805 is ready to use right away! Ouch. In addition, there is a micro USB connection for charging. Still traveling? Take it easy! There is a special connection directly to the aircraft monitor, you know! Who dares to give more like this one?

9. Clear Mic Makes Others Envy
Well, this is what matters! Headphones without a mic what would it be, right? The mic embedded in the two speakers makes the meeting so good. The voice also becomes clear when having a conversation. No miscommunication. Great for working outside the home too. It's cool anyway!  The presence of a clear mic makes the sound no longer noisy.  

10. Affordable Prices Don't Make Holes
Of all of them, one thing is the most important, right? PRICE! For all the above perfection, the price from the Philips TAPH805 is IDR 2,499,000! Expensive? Not at all! With a premium quality bluetooth headset, I don't think it's expensive at all. You get more than you pay!

So, one week's experience using the Philips TAPH805 was a pleasant one. These headphones help me in all my work. No need to bother bringing anything or looking for a quiet place to hang out. Just take out the Philips TAPH805, everything will be under control.

The Philips TAPH805 can be purchased at: Philips Indonesia Distributor – PT. Anugrah Niagatama Perkasa
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