[REVIEW] TWS Earbuds Philips TAT3216, Great Sound & Suitable for Outdoors

  27 Jan 2022

[REVIEW] Philips TAT3216: Waterproof TWS Earbuds, Ready for Sports & Outdoors!

– Currently, TWS has become one of the most sought after accessories by smartphone users. In addition to looking cool, TWS itself has several advantages that make it very practical to use. The operation is carried out wirelessly, making users no longer need to be bothered by cables which often make us unable to move freely when using it.

The absence of cables in TWS also makes it easier for us to carry it everywhere, without worrying about the cable tangling. Its practical nature makes people think that the TWS device will be very suitable for use while doing outdoor activities. However, in fact not all TWS will be suitable for outdoor activities.

Well, in this review, I will discuss about a TWS that I think is worthy of being a friend for outdoor activities thanks to all its features and advantages. Here it is, the Philips TAT3216.

Sales Package

Before we get started, let's see what's inside the Philips TAT3216 packaging box. When we open the packaging box, we will find a case or container, in which there is a pair of earpieces (earbuds). Then, we will also find two pairs of rubber earcaps with large and small sizes, as well as a USB Type-C cable for charging. There are also several books in the form of warranty cards, user manuals, and safety instructions as a complement.

It is highly recommended to charge it first until the batteries of the two earbuds are fully charged, so that we can use them smoothly. Don't forget, make sure you've removed the small plastic layer on both sides of the TWS earbuds, so that the battery can be charged.

Features of Philips TAT3216
The second thing we must do is adjust the size of the rubber earcaps to our ears. I myself immediately replaced the rubber earcaps with the smallest size, so they could fit comfortably in my ears. This is very important so that we can properly pair the Philips TAT3216 TWS earbuds. For the sake of getting comfort, as well as so that we can feel the sound output from these TWS earbuds well.

1. Easy Connect to Device
To pair, we have to turn on bluetooth on the smartphone or laptop that we want to use, then open the case from this TWS Philips TAT3216, and press the button on the back of the case for three seconds until the light flashes.

Then, select "Philips TAT3216" which is detected by bluetooth on our laptop or smartphone device. Now, after doing these initial settings, this Philips TAT3216 TWS can easily be connected to various paired devices. It will be directly connected to our device, if we have turned on bluetooth, then open the case and or remove this TWS from the case.

2. Not Easy to Take Off
When I tried to use them, I felt that these wireless earbuds were very comfortable and didn't come off easily. Its light weight, even makes my ears feel completely unburdened. In a sense, there is absolutely no feeling of discomfort when using the Philips TAT3216 for hours on end. With a note, the size of the rubber earcaps must be adjusted to our ears.

I've tried using it while doing various activities, to test how firmly it can perch on my ear. Starting from walking, jogging, even while eating, it turns out that he did not fall. I also don't have to adjust the position of these earbuds in my ears too often. Apparently, the "tail" of the small upward-facing support on these earbuds also plays a role in maintaining its position on the ear, so it doesn't fall off easily.

TWS Bluetooth earbuds for sports Philips TAT3216

The "tail" part of the support uses a kind of rubber that is quite flexible. This makes it flexible and can adapt to the contours of our ears. So I didn't feel like there was a foreign object stuck in my ear at all. The tail support is integrated with the inner cover of the TWS Philips TAT3216 which is also made of the same material. And apparently, this also has a big effect on comfort when using it.

As for the outer cover, it is made of a kind of plastic with a matte black texture and color. In my opinion, the choice of material and the matte black color is far from cheap. In fact, I think that the simple physical design of TWS tends to look elegant.

3. Good Sound Quality
We turn to the sound part. One of the reasons why people use earbuds is so that they can listen to music with more satisfaction and clarity. When I use the Philips TAT3216, I feel that it is really able to muffle the sound from outside. So, the music that I listen to when using these earbuds is really not disturbed by outside noise. Only loud enough voices can reach my ears. Even then it only sounds like a minor annoyance. This makes the sound output of the music I listen to on these earbuds feels very clear.

For the characteristics of his own voice, by default it tends to be dominant in low-frequency sounds, aka bass. Mike Portnoy's percussion playing along with John Myung's bass beat in the intro to In the Presence of Enemies Pt. 1 sounds great using these bluetooth earbuds. Likewise, the sound of the double bass drum in the same song also sounds kicking. 

However, the sound of other instruments that have a higher frequency can still be heard clearly and is not too "drowned" by the dominant bass sound. Open hi-hat hits and crash cymbals can be heard well without causing a shrill effect on the sound output. The stereo effect can also work like the engine. I suggest using a device with bluetooth version 5.0, so that the music quality can still sound good. Especially when playing music files that have a high bitrate.

When I try to watch videos on YouTube, I feel a little delay. Which is a very natural thing, because all TWS are like that too. However, I think the delay that occurs in the Philips TAT3216 is still at a very acceptable level. In fact, I often don't notice that there is a delay if I don't really pay attention to the synchronization of the sound with the visual display on the screen.

The microphone contained in the Philips TAT3216 bluetooth earbuds also has good quality. The other person can hear my voice clearly when I try to make a phone call.

4. Easy Operation With Touch Feature
Features TWS Bluetooth Earbuds Philips TAT3216, has a touch panel on each side of the earpiece that supports touch input response. We can control several things by using this touch control. Among others are:

  • Play/pause music with one touch fast
  • Open a voice command on the smartphone by touching the touch panel for about 2 seconds
  • Skip forward / skip to the next track list by tapping twice quickly
  • Skip backward / skip to the previous list again by tapping fast three times
  • Pick up and hang up phone calls with one quick touch (not applicable on WhatsApp Call)
  • Reject phone calls by touching the touch panel for 2 seconds

Touch control features like this in my opinion add to the convenience when using the Philips TAT3216 TWS. Because we can avoid the risk of pain in the ear due to pressing earphones. On the other hand, the touch control feature makes us have to be careful when using it while lying down. Because it turns out, the touch sensor is also sensitive enough to respond to touch from the pillow.

5. Have an App To Choose Sound Presets
If it turns out that we don't like the default sound setting with extra bass character, we can change and adjust the sound character of this Philips TAT3216 by using the Philips Headphones App available on the Google PlayStore, as well as the Apple AppStore. Through this application, we can choose various effects to change the sound characteristics through the Sound Effects menu.


This application even provides an equalizer in a custom menu, as in the image above. So that it allows us to tinker with the characteristics of the sound like what we like. But for me who is not very proficient in this matter, I prefer to use the existing sound presets.

I personally prefer the Powerful sound preset. Because it can make the sound that comes out of the 6mm drivers in the in-ear earbuds become more balanced and clearer. Suitable for listening to songs from Dream Theater which is rich in playing various complicated instruments. In addition to selecting sound presets, we can also monitor the battery of each earpiece and case from the Philips TAT3216 through the same application.

6. Long Lasting Battery with Portable Charging Case
Based on my experiments, the pair of Philips TAT3216 earbuds that we discuss here have a long battery life. When I used it to listen to music non-stop, it was able to last up to almost 7 hours from 100% to 20% battery level. And after that 20%, the earphones will start notifying that the battery is low via voice message. The battery life seems to be very sufficient to accompany our activities all day.

If it's still not enough, for example when you're on a long trip, you can simply insert the two earbuds into the case or the container. The spare battery in the case will function like a power bank for the Philips TAT3216 earbuds. So you don't have to bother looking for an electric plug to charge it, as long as the battery in the case is still available. Based on an official statement from Philips, it is stated that we can get an extra hour of endurance for listening to music, by simply placing the earbuds in the case for 15 minutes.


The case itself has a tiny body which makes it easy to carry. Both earphones will nest safely in this case because it is equipped with a magnet so that the earbuds will not fall even if they are turned over.

The charging port in the form of USB Type-C also has its own advantages. Because in this modern era, there are so many devices that support battery charging via the USB Type-C port. Starting from smartphones, to laptops though. So, in scenarios of short trips or when doing outdoor activities, we don't need to carry various charging adapters to charge all of these devices. So that the journey is not too burdensome.

7. Water & Sweat Resistant
Another thing that makes it very suitable for outdoor activities is the waterproof feature with an IPX5 rating. This rating indicates that the Philips TAT3216 earbuds will be able to withstand being exposed to water from various sides. So, we don't have to worry that the TWS will be damaged if it is exposed to sweat during exercise, or when it is accidentally caught in rainy conditions.

8. Are you a busy person? Take advantage of the Mono Mode Features
Using earphones is not only for listening to music. Another reason people choose to use earphones is to make it easier when they have to take calls while doing activities. Especially when you are outside.

And if you happen to be a person who likes or has to receive and make phone calls for a long time, you can take advantage of the Mono Mode feature on the Philips TAT3216. This feature allows us to make phone calls using only one side of the earpiece, while the other is stored for charging in the case. With a battery life that is claimed to last up to 5 hours for phone activity on each side of the earpiece, we will be able to get a total talk time of 2 times (up to 10 hours) if we use it interchangeably.

This is possible because both the right and left sides of these TWS earbuds are equipped with a microphone. And don't forget that this Philips TAT3216 case also functions as a power bank. So, we will be able to get a much longer talk time.

The final word …

With the various features of the Philips TAT3216, I think it deserves to be the reason why these TWS earbuds are very suitable to accompany outdoor activities. Its light weight and comfortable to use, will make us feel at home to use it for a long time.

The case, which is small and light, makes it easy to carry automatically, while eliminating worries when you have to take it long distances. Because if for example the durable battery has started to run out, we just need to put it in his portable charging case to recharge the battery.

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