About PT Anugrah Niagatama Perkasa

Established in 2010, we have been committing ourselves to provide the best distribution channel for well known branded products. Our team have been working together based on our 5 core values, such as : Teamwork, Hardwork, Responsibility, Integrity, and Leadership.

These values has been the fuel that generate us to achieve the best. With more than 500 distribution channels, nationwide and our extensive focus on customer relation, we provide the best distribution service and system thus ensure the success of your product distribution.

Nationwide well known distitributor of branded products

PT ANP want to capture Indonesian market for all channel distribution, to ensure maximum capacity, availability and visibility for the distributed products, and create the best supporting sytem for all distribution channel.

PT ANP is an authorized distributor of Sony & Philips products to nationwide and targeting potential dealers, traditional stores and modern channel chain.